A Developer's Guide to SCIM with scim_rails, melonJS, lyra, merit and climate_control
polars, fae, unredacter, OpenRGB, forma and Scaling GIPHY - the Legos of Visual Communication
paint-with-words-sd, bridgetown, free-gophers-pack, bleve, oss-fuzz and Internationalis(z)ing Code
The Problem with Time & Timezones along with ninja-keys, zeppelin, ledger, lefthook and reflex

November 2022

Its all about GraphQL nowadays with json-graphql-server, nhost, saleor, insomnia, envelop
24pullrequests, fastlane, marqo, motor-admin, memos and Distributed Systems in One Lesson
They say HTTP/2 is like H2O for websites!!! and bring out your programming skills with this one-html-page challenge
Look out for the Game Off 2022!!

October 2022

It is open source games time!!! build, fight, explore and more!
Enable yourself to read, learn, "login" and present, everything opensource
All good things around internet (mostly ruby stuff) and Why accessibility is a must.

July 2022

What's new in Typescript nowadays?